Challenge #1: Cut In Line

This challenge is for the individual (boy or girl) feeling a little bit dull in their morning or lunch routine. More importantly, this challenge is for the individual looking to speak with someone new or even someone they have a bit of a crush on. YOU KNOW! That boy or girl you see every morning in the Starbucks line. (Don’t stare too long)

So… this Friday, before work or during lunch hour, the task is to cut in line by striking up a conversation with someone- very simple. You never know, this might be the day you break out of your shell.

The rules:
#1 The most important rule. Very important. DO NOT BE A CREEPER. Ok, no need to get arrested.

#2 It has to be a stranger. You can’t find a work person you don’t speak with and decide today is the day to cut in line.

#3 One spot forward does not count.

Side notes:
*For the readers that are married, don’t worry! You are not cheating by speaking with someone else, ok. If it helps, consider the encounter as a networking opportunity.

*Only for the single people. Proof is expected. That means get a number, or if really smooth get a date. (Ladies, don’t be afraid to approach a guy and get that number)

*This challenge is special for the individuals that feel life happens to them. Turn it around and see what you can make happen.

#1 Plainly try to cut in line. When confronted, act dumb. After a bit of banter, buy that person their drink or lunch.

#2 Address your target. “You’re always in front of me. Let me win today and get ahead of you in line.”

#3 Find your target and say, “Hi.” (That’s all it takes)

DONT BE CRAZY. HAVE FUN! And remember, don’t be stingy. Brighten up to other person’s day too.
Send me feedback.


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