Frankly Friday Edition: Ladies… Buy a man a drink! Make it Frisky Friday!

For my first Frankly Friday Edition, I am calling for all the ladies to make this Friday a Frisky one and Buy a man a drink!

This post is for the single ladies out there waiting for prince charming. This post is for the monogomous ladies out there that haven’t had a night out with their man in two years. If you have kids, this post is for you too. Dragging your kids through Disneyland, or worse the playpen at McDonalds, does not count as having a night out.

Women. Put on the tightest dress you have, leave the attitude and baggage at home, and well… that’s it. Be a girl, that’s all you need to get a man. (Post on this to follow)

This Friday is Frisky Friday!

For too long, ladies have been telling men, “You drink too much”. Or something along the lines of, “You should stop drinking, it’s not helping your health or your belly”. Maybe you’ve even said, “You threw up on my shoes”. Am I right? Well, I am advocating for the first of my Frankly Fridays to be your Frisky Friday. Yeah. Forget all the jibberish you got going on ’cause I’m just saying, that SOMETIMES, ladies (both married and not) wait for men to make all the moves.

For married ladies, well… you’ve tamed your man too much. Hell, what is he supposed to do when you feed him soy burgers, vegan sausage, and ginger ale. His eyes are glazed over by your own doing, so you can’t complain. Just get your man out and sauce him up. Remind him of his manhood. He’ll pay you back.

If you have kids, call whoever you need to, give them 40 bucks for the night and PLEASE use this Friday for friskiness. Put on your tightest dress, and… actually that is all you’ll need, use some of your hard-worked cash (or his cash) and Buy your/a man a drink! He’ll thank you for it. I’m sure. If single with kids… read on.

For the single ladies, stop waiting for the guys to come up to you when your out, and don’t huddle with your friends. Look, there is no “good guy” with any self-worth that will approach you. Why? Because there is a high probability that he does not want to be out in the first place. “Good guys” don’t go out regularly. The “good guy” is usually out because he was invited by a douchebag friend that needed a designated driver. And maybe you will say, well that’s not what I am looking for, or that just means he is not confident. My reply is: First, there is a difference between being confident and being bold. Most douchebags are bold and confident guys are reserved. Second, well its like voting… if you do not vote, then you can’t complain. What I mean is that you’re passing off the control to the man that is bold who has evaluated you as a target. So, you are good for his needs. If you don’t do the evaluating (the work), then you can’t complain about what you get. Please, turn over a new leaf. Find the guy in the corner or the one that looks like he is trying to have fun, with a clean shirt (and for god’s sake make sure his shirt is buttoned up all the way), with no product in his hair, that smells like soap. Buy that man a drink! Make it a Maker’s Mark- double.

Men. Put on your clean underwear, clip your toenails, find some cab fare, and get out of the house this Friday. Don’t be creepy and let a lady Buy you a drink! You have one job this Friday, and that is to leave the cologne at home. It is not 1999 anymore.

*Disclaimer: I understand the drawbacks of drinking, the faults of drinking too much, and the associated consequences of drinking and driving. You should too. DO NOT DO IT! Be Safe.


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