What to do this weekend: Be awesome.

What is one to do this weekend… well, I have a suggestion that is derived from the following conditions.

(1) I don’t want to spend a lot of money, ideally, none at all.
(2) I want to do something that encourages participation of others.
(3) I *need to get out of the house, yet not travel a great distance.

Sounds like a difficult task. Well… let us think about this. Should you go to the movies? Pizza and online streaming is better. How about the beach or a park? Yeah, fun, but kinda far. I know, head to the mall. Almost to what I’m getting at?

Alright. My suggestion for the readers is to head to your neighborhood Walmart, Costco, electronics or department store and just mess around with staff, electronic equipment, toys, and samples.

Now, you may be saying, “That doesn’t sound fun”. Ok, let me provide some insight into what I mean. From personal experience, I was at a Best Buy, minding my business, and I noticed they had the new FIFA (realistic soccer game) demo playing. Now, I’m not a soccer fan, but hey let me try the game and burn some time while my girlfriend and friends are perusing the Best Buy inventory.

As I walked towards the demo area there was a kid, maybe 10 years old, playing the game. I politely waited for him to finish. The demos run for about 5 minutes. Well, the demo finished and the kid stayed in position. I wanted to push that kid out of the way like Will Ferrell in Old School.

Side note: Now, if your doing this, make sure you have a friend near by to vouch for you as not being a child molester ’cause that kid’s mom came over and checked me up and down. I was in the clear.

The demo allows for two players. Instead, of pushing the kid out of the way, I joined in the game versus that snot-nose kid. The game was on, he had the ball, he passes to the wing and drives forward on the weak side. I take my defender and slide tackle his player so hard. NO CALL.

I take the ball back. One pass. Long pass. Wiggle the joystick to get the show off points and strike. Goalie blocks. Rebound. Get it. Kick. SCORE! My friend goes crazy in the background. YEAH!

I drove that kid crazy. And, then my friends were having fun too. Plus, my girlfriend starting heckling that kid. Suffice it to say, that kid was a sore loser.

Another example from personal experience occurred at the Brookstone store in the mall. For those that don’t know Brookstone, it is the electronics store at the mall that lets you sit in the massage chairs that everyone has farted in. Anyway, my girlfriend was sitting in said chair playing around with the controls. Then a salesman came over with the usual introduction and began working us.

“Hey, you guys are a young and probably work crazy hours. This would be perfect for you both.”

I said, “No thanks. The chair is like two grand. Not gonna happen. She is just trying it out ’cause she has never sat in one.”

“Well,” the guy kept pressing (we were there for like two minutes). He went into his “closer” mode with his most aggressive statement. “…this is a good deal and don’t you want to make your girlfriend happy. I mean, it’s cheaper than an engagement ring.”

I looked at the guy with stern face and said, “that’s my sister.”

My girlfriend stood up from the chair, without planning, and said “disgusting”. She just kept walking. The salesman’s face was priceless.

Another instance of fun, just look at the featured photo. That really happened! My girl was driving that toy car in a Fry’s Electronics store. Hilarious.

And finally the weekend Costco freeloader-walk (coined 11/08/2014, copyright badlifecoach.com), which can be accomplished with an active or suspended membership (yeah, they still let you in). Don’t eat breakfast, and head to your nearest Costco this weekend and take the Costco freeloader-walk. If this weekend doesn’t work for you, here are the details. The Costco freeloader-walk happens every weekend from about 9am to 12pm. The best time to go is near big events (hint, hint, hint) when all the vendors put out their best product as samples for you to eat. Free.

So take a note, and ask yourself: What is fun?

Is it driving and talking in the car? No. Especially, when your partner, friends, or kids are yapping away, while you’re trying to concentrate on not getting them killed in an accident.

Is the fun part the drinking? Hmmm. Well, yes and no. See, drinking stimulates comraderie, the jokes, and the stories. With your wife, it stimulates some laughs and some primal feelings (unless you hate each other. *poor angry drunks*) If with your kids, drinking is out of the question. Can’t drink ’cause have to drive. And, you should not drink and drive with the kids because that is time in jail- no joke. (There done with my civil duty.) Then think about the bill. The alcohol bill is so high that it dips into the kitchen re-modeling savings (partners idea), and that really *@%$!#.

Is the fun generated by your surroundings? Yes. Going to interesting places and doing interesting things- that’s where the fun is at! Get a little crazy, maybe even try to be a different person (that is why actors have it so good).

If you want to get back at the man, go to Walmart and mess with all the bikes, toys… hell play catch with the baseball equipment. They can’t do anything if the equipment is there as a display.

So, this is my suggestion. Be awesome. Wherever you are this weekend.

Send me feedback and/or media.

*Special shout out to the Inkscape crew… because of their software, now I am adding my pics and graphics. Download is legit and free. Yay for open source.


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