Whiskey Wednesday

It was a college friend’s birthday. He was turning 24. My roommates and I were invited to join him at the local watering hole. Needless to say, we were a wild bunch in college (like most college students), and there were 10+ of us at the bar that night. The laughs and the drink were pouring. One of those nights that felt like the morning was approaching too fast.

What do you do when it is your friend’s birthday and you’re at a bar? You buy SHOTS! I left my friends for a minute and went over to the bar-top and scoped the selection of Whiskey. I said to myself, “…gonna get something nice.”

Barkeep: “How can I help you?”

Me:”4 shots of Johnnie Black Label.”

Off to the side, I hear, “Whoa!”. I turned right and see two older guys, 50’s, snickering.

Me to the 50’s guys: “How are you guys doing over there?”

50’s guy #1: “Looks like a real party. You’re goin’ to town aren’t ya.”

Me (with gusto): “We only live once, right? That’s how we do it on a Saturday.”

50’s guy #1 (looks straight at me): “Hey Guy. It’s WEDNESDAY.”


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