Frankly Friday Edition: Give Those 5’s and 6’s Some Lovin’

For this Frankly Friday Edition… I am gonna get you laid. The title is correct…yup, give those 5’s and 6’s some lovin’.

I know what you’re thinking. “WHAT!?” Well, I am not kidding; especially for those of you that don’t have anything going on in the opposite sex department. We are often way to fast in dismissing the middle part of the scale. There is some potential there. Take a good look in the mirror. Ask yourself, “Where do I fall on the scale?” Very important to keep in mind that the worst lies you tell are the ones you tell yourself. So, be honest. Then ask yourself, “Do I need to get some?” The answer to that question is always yes. And, if you haven’t gotten any in awhile, don’t be stubborn, the middle of the scale is for you. Keep reading before you dismiss what I’m saying.

Didn’t anyone watch Beautiful Mind. It is clear that sometimes the best outcome is to go lower on the scale. If you don’t believe me… I say don’t knock it until you try it. I mean, really, I’m not saying you have to marry them. I’m saying, take a different approach when you’re out this Friday. For one, 5’s and 6’s are easier to approach and more receptive. Two, you want to practice your game… and the right way to practice is to win some and loose some… not loose all the time. Therefore, go to the minor leagues for a few games. Three, 5’s and 6’s, yeah, they do more (hint, hint). Special Note: Do not go for the 8 or 9, fail, and then go for the friend that is a 6. Will not work.

You don’t need to ‘peacock’, or figure out the game, have the fancy car, or spend the big bucks. Just go out this Friday and find yourself a 6. Don’t beat yourself up (pun intended). It’ll be a great experience and they might surprise you. Hell, you might surprise yourself. Give that 5 or 6 your best lovin’.

Comment on your best 5 or 6 experience.


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