Listen to the Opposite Sex About the Opposite Sex

We all have questions about the opposite sex. “What do they respond to?” “Should I wear jeans or slacks?” “Should I do something about my hair?” And, “Do girls really care about the car I drive?” The problem is, guys talk with their guyfriends about girls and girls speak with their girlfriends about guys. Why? That is definitely going to get you some bad advice (not to say that they haven’t given some good advice in past). Generally speaking you want to listen to the opposite sex about the opposite sex.

You want to get insight from someone with a similar working mind. Think about it. Who would know more information? If I want to find out the best way to approach a girl, I’m going to ask a girl for her opinion. I’m gonna ask, “What do girls like hearing from a guy?” And, “If I try [whatever], does a girl like that?”

An example of bad advice: I was eavesdropping on a conversation at my local pub. I was listening to this guy talking with his friend about finally asking a particular girl out on a date. She said yes. Awesome. But, now the guy didn’t have any idea on where to go on the first date. So, what does his friend tell him… “You should bring her here.” What’s worse is that the friend agreed and they started planning the weekend.

So if your thinking, “Meeting the friends and being in a public place is smart.” My response is, sure… if it is a random person you got a number from. But, in this case, it was clear that it was a girl he really liked, and he cared what she would think about him. Overall, she doesn’t care about your friends (at least not right now). She wants to go out on a date with you and have fun. And, if you take her to a pub to watch sports with your friends on a first date, what message are you sending?

It’s like the featured image of jellyfish. You don’t want to tangle yourself up. You have to distinguish yourself. Be original. If you need some help, listen to the opposite sex.

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