The Power of the Mens Button Shirt

This is for the ladies… I know you wonder, sometimes, what to do to keep your man interested or excite a new man with a surprise. There’s a lot of options, and quite frankly it is not hard to excite a man. However, going back to my previous post, Listen to the Opposite Sex About the Opposite Sex, take this advice from a guy… you don’t need lingerie. Ladies, there is a particular option that really gives you some sexy points. Wear a mens button shirt without pants or you know what.

We see it all the time in the movies, but it is hardly practiced in real life. I really don’t know why that is? However, it is something that can be very HOT for a guy. Some guys may act and say, “Why are you wearing anything? I’m going to take it off anyway.” Well, they don’t mean it, and I say… Don’t take off all of your clothes. Not yet.

Wearing a mens button shirt is an easy way to play, incite, and change up the routine. It is also a technique that can be used to control the experience from your perspective if all you get is the one hitter quitter. Don’t rush. Don’t rush to show off all the goods. Don’t rush to get it over with. It is sexy to conceal, to hold, to be patient, and lingerie is not the only answer.

I will tell you right now… the lingerie is not what makes it amazing for a guy. It’s the woman.

Imagine this move… your expecting him and he has no idea. He shows up and you’re in his button shirt. He is surprised. But, he is more surprised because you’re prancing around the place like nothing is a miss. He says, “What happened to the girl I knew?” You tell him, “I was here all along.”

The power of the button shirt cannot be underestimated. Save it as part of your repertoire, and don’t overuse. It would be best used as a way to get something you want… or to get someone you want.


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