5 Ways to Spend Your Whiskey Wednesday

Time for those SHOTS of Whiskey to get over hump-day Wednesday. Here are 5 suggestions on how to be productive this day.

1. Go to local supermarket and buy frozen pizza. Go home, bake pizza, take shots of whiskey, watch Netflix, and wish you were someone else.

2. Walk to your neighborhood liquor store, and argue with the local bum about how he is spending your tax money.

3. Go to local Starbucks coffee shop, spike your Oprah Chai Tea Latte with whiskey, and stare at butts and boobs.

4. Call your insurance company- home, auto, whatever- and convince them that they owe you money for all the years you didn’t need them.

5. Did I mention, checking out butts and boobs.

Give some juice to your vices this day.


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