Man Etiquette 101 Part 3: Protect the Face

Taking sexy pics is a practice that will not go away- it just cannot be stopped. The action of photographing sexiness transcends levels of class and wealth as well as sex. Ladies, just as much as men, want a lasting record of how good they really looked. However, we find ourselves in the most un-private times when considering technology and communications. Please be responsible in the digital age when taking sexy pics. We have seen the hacks and the consequences that arise thereof. So, if your taking photos of someone you care about, Man Etiquette 101 requires that you make sure to protect the face.

Unless you have your own development studio and are working with film, there is no 100% protection. We all know the dangers. And, we sometimes are the danger… some individuals don’t even know how there phones are setup and when they take a pic, it is uploaded to their cloud and all the computers connected to the same cloud account. (Ha, that’s how kids get traumatized).

Admittedly, there are times that call for taking sexy pics. Taking sexy photos usually (not including pornography) falls into two categories: artistic nudes and spontaneous pics. Artistic nudes, with consent, will include every feature of the subject. The key words are artistic and consent. In this case the intention is to project an image of art and beauty of the body, and most importantly the subject understands that their face will be connected with the image.

Now, most sexy photos fall under the second category- spontaneous pics. We don’t like to admit it, but we all have one out there. Keep in mind, in most cases, these pics are meant to be fun and to showoff. In all cases, these pics are meant to be private. Nevertheless, there is no private anymore. We have to accept that…

So, think ahead and protect the face when taking spontaneous pics. It’s Man Etiquette 101.


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