I have completed the transition to the .COM site, and I want you to come and visit. As of right now, there isn’t any new content since I have been working on getting things up and running. BUT! I have a list of new things coming up. Please, visit the new site and subscribe (a new). If there are any problems getting notices of our new content, contact us immediately. I know it is a pain, but I don’t want to lose you guys and girls.

A few things… there is no re-direct from the to Not right now at least. I have moved to the .COM for a reason, in particular to get more creative (and for another reason which will be included on the new site), and I really don’t want to lose any readers as BAD LIFE COACH continues to grow. I appreciate the followers, and I really enjoy knowing that there are others that like the content that BAD LIFE COACH provides.

Secondly, I will continue to post informational notes through, but the full content will be on the main site. I hope that I have gained enough of your confidence to get you guys to favorite my new site. Yet, I will continue to post here on for the time being.

A Special Post:
I want to say R.I.P to a friend that I had the pleasure of knowing for some time at my old job. I know this is unrelated to what I included above… but it is related as it has given me greater motivation to take a greater risk with respect to my ideas- both creative and business. I used to work as an insurance claims adjuster (yes), and this special person was a great, funny, and lively co-worker. Under 30 years old, this person was diagnosed with a terminal disease just last month. I was notified that this person passed yesterday 11/23/2014.

From this I want to say that BAD LIFE COACH will not be wasting any time. Everyday will be met with utter abandonment. That’s what BAD LIFE COACH is and what we will be bringing to you.


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