The premise of this blog is derived from a Seinfeld episode called The Opposite. This blog is an attempt in communicating with all people in backroom-talk. The kind of conversation you have when no one is listening.

Throughout my adult years, I have found that most people have similar questions and concerns. All I hear on all media channels is: save money, work harder, get thinner, be nice, etc. Disclaimer: Now, this blog is not meant to replace professional help (if that is what you are looking for). But that is exactly what this blog is not. I don’t start with, “In my professional opinion,”. In fact, the opposite is what will occur. You say, “I think my significant other is cheating”. Well, maybe. You ask, “What is a good investment opportunity”. I might say, buy some season tickets for a winning athletic sports team – sell the tickets to games you don’t want to go to or can’t go to at a premium. Hey, scalping would not be a thing if there wasn’t any money to make. Or, start a business with your children; because guess what, they don’t have jobs, you can work them, and no one likes saying no to children. Thats money!

A breakdown:
Now most of the posts on this blog are satirical, counterintuitive, and fun. If this blog is to make a statement (which it is not), it would be that doing something different from the norm (legally) is not bad. Doing something out of the norm will jostle your routine, stimulate your mind, and may even make you smile.

This blog will include the basics of money, partners, food, travel, and other lifestyle topics. I will give some notes on how to entertain yourself, fun ways to make some cash, fun ways to spend your cash, and most importantly I will shoot out challenges for readers and answer reader question.

Follow me – giving bad good advice.


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