Frankly Friday Edition: Give Those 5’s and 6’s Some Lovin’

For this Frankly Friday Edition… I am gonna get you laid. The title is correct…yup, give those 5’s and 6’s some lovin’.

Keep reading before you dismiss what I’m saying.

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What to do this weekend: Be awesome.

What is one to do this weekend… well, I have a suggestion that is derived from the following conditions.

(1) I don’t want to spend a lot of money, ideally, none at all.
(2) I want to do something that encourages participation of others.
(3) I *need to get out of the house, yet not travel a great distance.

Alright. My suggestion for the readers is to head to your neighborhood Walmart, Costco, electronics or department store and just mess around with staff, electronic equipment, toys, and samples.

…this is my suggestion. Be awesome. Wherever you are this weekend.

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